SpreewalRabe factory tour

Would you like to find out how SpreewaldRabe products are made? Then our factory tours are just the thing for you!

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SpreewaldRabe farm shop

Our herbal witch farm shop serves as a factory outlet for our private customers. In addition to our great products, a snack is also waiting for you.

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Tradition meets future: Our path in the Spreewald

Working for you in the Spreewald since 1898.

Family run

Spreewaldrabe, founded by Reiner Belaschk, now counts two generations of the Belaschk family among its employees. They are involved in this and other companies in the conglomerate.


Our Spreewald cucumbers thrive in the naturally rich region of the Spreewald, known for traditional cultivation methods. They are carefully grown and processed, using ancient recipes and techniques to preserve their distinctive taste. This is how we guarantee the authenticity and quality in every glass.


We are committed to sustainable production by practicing environmentally friendly farming methods and gentle harvesting. In collaboration with local farmers, we maintain traditional practices that respect nature. Our goal is to ensure the quality of our products while reducing the ecological footprint to protect the natural heritage of the Spreewald.


Transparency is at the heart of our philosophy. We ensure the traceability of our production chain through regular checks. We offer factory tours to provide insights into our processing. This is how we openly demonstrate how our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility benefits our products and the community.


We have been successfully certified according to the IFS Food Standard since 2007. The testing is carried out by independent third parties (testing bodies). Food safety and the quality of processes and products have the highest priority. The uniform evaluation system creates transparency throughout the entire supply chain.