Would you like to find out how your favorite products are made? Then our factory tours are just the thing for you!

Information about the factory tour

Duration of the tour

approx. 90 minutes

Cucumber presentations in April & May

Cucumber presentations: In April and May, cucumber presentations are available on request. From June to September, tours are offered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30 a.m. for a fee.

Farewell gift

At the end of the tour, each guest receives a small gift from our Spreewald basket. Take the opportunity to visit our farm shop and stock up on our products.

Purchase of SpreewaldRabe products

At the end of the tour, products can be purchased. Payment is possible in cash or by card.

Register for the tour

Registration is required.

Please register exclusively by email or telephone:

What awaits you?

Production insights

If a tour of the production hall is possible, guests can watch the processing “live”

Herb fields

Start the tour with a visit to our aromatic herb fields. Learn all about the fresh spices and their importance for the quality of our products.

Historic machinery

See a selection of historic machinery, including a cucumber washer and a pricking machine from the 1930s, as well as horseradish processing techniques used until the 1980s.

Multimedia insights

After the tour, we invite you to watch an informative film about the modern processes in our production.

No time for a factory tour?

Come to our farm shop and buy SpreewaldRabe products there.