Our premium products are characterized by the use of high-quality ingredients and special processing that raise their quality and taste to a new level. Find out more about our exclusive premium products here:

Thermal brine

A special feature of our premium products is the use of thermal brine (salt), which traditionally comes from the Spreewald region. This brine thermal water contains an exceptionally high concentration of 239 g/l of salts and minerals and is extracted at a source temperature of 31 °C. Due to the high mineral content and the temperature, the water is known as “thermal brine”.

Fresh herbs & natural ingredients

Our premium pickle products contain no artificial flavors*. Instead, we use an abundance of fresh herbs, giving the jars a unique look - they are often half-filled with herbs. This approach guarantees a pure, natural flavor that underlines the high-quality profile of our products.

More expensive, but exclusive

Due to the complex production process and the use of first-class ingredients, the premium products are more expensive. However, they offer an incomparable taste and high quality that is second to none.

Acquired a taste?

Now that you know what makes SpreewaldRabe's premium products stand out, you might want to try some!


As we all know, exceptions prove the rule. As usual, we want to be completely transparent with you: two of our premium products contain additional ingredients.